Webinar Classroom Delivery

Our Live Webinar Classroom training service is designed to allow training delivery over the internet to employees while working from home, their office desk or while on the go in real-time. Delivery replicates traditional classroom-style learning by presenting the learner with a digital classroom and a real-time lecture. Learners can communicate with one another, ask questions or participate in group tasks during the delivery as if they’re in an actual classroom setting.

Our platform gives the learner full control and the ability to split your device screen to view the lecture, study notes, the presentation and classmates. The system offers end to end encryption ensuring security and training days can be recorded and played back for later review. Training is delivered by subject matter experts who have years of traditional classroom experienced coupled with training delivery using webinar and virtual classroom tools.

Training courses are delivered during regular working hours unless agreed in advance with the customer. Learners login into the system as if they are arriving in the classroom. Courses are offered in their standard running order with breaks, assessments and group workshops catered for during the presentation. Course assessments and exams are completed online at the end of each course and each learner completes a course evaluation form.

Why not discuss your requirements today with one of our sales staff by phoning +353 (0)1 401 9600 or email us on info@hollandsafety.ie. Checkout our Webinar Training Catgeory page for our course offering https://www.hollandsafety.ie/category/webinar-training