Abrasive Wheels Operator


Provide participants with the knowledge, and skills to enable operative to use abrasive wheels safely including all aspects of the correct mounting, setting and use of abrasive wheels.

Course Outline

  • Health & Safety Legislation
  • Identify the hazards associated working with abrasive wheels
  • Evaluate the causes of abrasive wheels accidents
  • Selecting & mounting
  • Guarding of the grinding / cutting machines
  • Dressing & turning the wheel
  • Personal Protective Equipment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify different types of abrasive wheel
  • Explain the Hazards and Risks associated with abrasive wheels
  • Explain correct storage and handling methods
  • Demonstrate Inspection and Testing methods and techniques
  • Identify Components used in mounting Abrasive wheels
  • Demonstrate correct assembly, balance and fit methods
  • Explain dressing / maintenance requirements
  • Select suitable PPE
  • Demonstrate Safe Working Practice/ Techniques.

Course Outline

Course Outline

  • Unit 1 – Regulation and Legislation
  • Unit 2 – Hazards
  • Unit 3 – Personal Protective Equipment
  • Unit 4 – Markings
  • Unit 5 – Safe use of Abrasive Wheel Machines
  • Unit 6 – Inspections
  • Unit 7 – Dressing & Truing

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the legislation regarding Abrasive Wheels
  • Be aware of the hazards associated with the use of Abrasive Wheels
  • Identify and select the correct Personal Protective Equipment
  • Understand the correct markings on wheels
  • Understand the safe use of Abrasive Wheel Machines
  • Understand how to correctly inspect Abrasive Wheels and Machines
  • Understand the importance of dressing and truing of Abrasive Wheels

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for those that need the knowledge and skills to operate abrasive wheels safely in the workplace.

Certification & Assessment

Compliance is key when it comes to abrasive wheels training and all user activity is recorded. Our Learning Management System (LMS) allows your HR or management team to identify non-compliance.

Learners who successfully complete all modules of the programme and the end of course assessment will receive a Holland Safety Certificate. The Abrasive Wheels Certificate will include the Learner’s name, course details, date of completion and certificate expiry.

To be successful delegates must pass

An end of course assessment consisting of 10 questions. A pass mark of 80% must be achieved to be awarded certification.

Additional Information

This course can be delivered at a client company venue if required.

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