DSE / VDU Ergonomic Assessment


Workplace ergonomics have come to the forefront in the last few years as a primary concern for both employers and employees with a rise in occupational health illnesses such as Repetitive Strain Injury and Defective Vision becoming a rising risk as development and demands placed upon workplaces by improvements in technology.

Employer’s have a legal duty to assess the risk that poor ergonomics (including the use of Display Screen Equipment / Visual Display Units) poses in their workplaces. Where a risk is identified the employer must undertake to either eliminate or otherwise mitigate that risk by assessing the risk and putting in place control measures.

Service Breakdown

  • Individual work-station or desktop ergonomic assessment including lighting, posture, space, etc.
  • Identify adjustments that should be made for users at each work-station
  • Compliance with the legal requirements for DSE/VDU and Ergonomics

Advantages offered by DSE/VDU Ergonomic Assessment include:

  • Reduce risk of personal injury claims
  • Reduce the risk of resultant absenteeism
  • Increase productivity of staff through implementation of ergonomics

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