ISO Management System


What is an Integrated Management System?

Integrated Management Systems are the growing industry norm for organisations that hold more than one ISO Certification and want to gain efficiency and increased effectiveness through integrating their existing stand-alone systems. This model is also used where organisations want to introduce multiple new standards

Integrating Quality (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001) and Health and Safety (ISO 45001), or any two of the standards is an Integrated Management System.

The Environment (ISO 14001) and Health and Safety (ISO 45001) standards were designed to be compatible with ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard. As some of the requirements and clauses overlap across these three standards, this enables the systems to be integrated seamlessly. Integration brings together the processes of these systems for effective business management thus giving excellent value for money and significant time savings.


Benefits of an Integrated Management System

  • Easier to manage and maintain as the company only has one system
  • Reduced Business Risk
  • Clear direction and objectives with the end goal of continual improvement and customer satisfaction
  • A coordinated system which reflects your best business practices
  • Less duplication and reduced documentation
  • Enables more effective performance and reduction in risks
  • Demonstrates commitment to client satisfaction, staff and continual improvement
  • Reduction in cost, disruption and time involved with auditing as you have one audit for your standards.


How Can We Help Your Business Succeed?

More than a “Certificate on the Wall” - We deliver a system that will meet the requirements to achieve certification and will result in a company-wide, business-focused continual improvement management system process.
Help your business realise its potential - We build and re-model the enterprise business processes and align the design of the stand-alone or Integrated Management System (IMS) with the strategic direction and goals of the enterprise.
Stand out from the crowd - With an IMS, we provide the tools and methods to improve the visibility and control of your business processes and help the enterprise attain significant business growth and performance. As a result, you can help differentiate your business from the competition, deliver the right goods and services and meet the demands of your customers for consistency and convenience.


Holland Safety ISO Management System - Elements & Features

Lean Design - We design, deliver and maintain management systems that are bespoke for each client and lean regarding the management system documentation.
Culture & Behaviour - We design, deliver and maintain management systems based upon the desired culture and behavioural needs of the client.
Sustainability - The management system is easy to maintain, extend, or integrate with other management systems.
Integrated Risk Management - We design, deliver or maintain management systems where risk management principles are in-built into the management system design.
100% Certification Guarantee - We design, deliver and maintain management systems that go beyond 'just' certification.
People Engagement - We design and deliver management systems that engage the organisation’s primary interested parties.
Lowest Life Cycle Maintenance Cost - We design and deliver management systems to achieve the lowest life cycle cost in the industry.
Performance Management - We design and deliver management systems that are aligned with the strategic objectives of the organisation.


ISO Compliance Health Check

Support Services

Let Holland Safety provide the key resource to assist in maintaining your management system processes. We will carry out a complete Health Check on your existing ISO standards or Integrated System. We offer on-site consultancy to align existing processes to the standards, internal, external and gap audits, risk management and safe work method assistance. Our support services assist with ongoing management and system compliance.

Our Health Check comprises of a series of questions around all the clauses and content of your systems looking at the different aspects of each system standard. All questions require a simple 'Yes' or 'No' answer and the results are measured against the standard requirements. Following the findings and review, we produce an action plan and detailed guidance and instructions around any work your system may require.

Benefits Of ISO

  • Improve market credibility for your brand
  • Access new markets with government tenders and export opportunities
  • Identify risks and opportunities through the review process
  • Reduce operational failures that directly affect your bottom line
  • Improve performance, product and service quality to the customer
  • Have a structured management plan for business succession
  • A transparent business framework aids succession planning
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