eLearning Manual Handling Course


Led by our team of professional Manual Handling trainers, the attendee will learn how to move physical inanimate loads safely. When not trained these moves may leave the trainee with a lifelong back injury, which is not only painful but can be debilitating.


The anatomy of the body is introduced to ensure that learners understand the importance of avoiding hazardous manual handling techniques that may cause injury.  In many working environments lifting, lowering and carrying loads, along with pushing and pulling actions are carried out multiple times per day. Often, without even recognising our own bodies movements we carry out these actions which may lead to niggling pains, and these too are often disregarded until the pain becomes impossible to ignore. 


Modules also explain the Health and Safety Act and General Applications in relation to Manual Handling and welfare at work. How to risk assess the manual handling of loads and when it is best to use Mechanical Aids.


  What is Manual Handling:

“Manual Handling involves any transporting or supporting of any load by one or more employees, and includes lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving a load, which by reason of its characteristics or unfavourable ergonomic conditions, involves risk, particularly of back injury, to employees.” Irish Statute Book 

Who Should Attend

Training is mandatory in Ireland for any employer or employee whose work involves transporting or moving any inanimate object - Health and Safety Authority 

Course Outline

  • Health and Safety Legislation
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Ergonomics of work environment
  • Hazard Identification (Risk of Injuries)
  • Manual Handling Risk Assessment
  • Principles of Lifting for Manual Handling Tasks
  • Learning training in T.I.L.E. (Task, Individual, Load, Environment)
  • Review of practical Lifting, Moving, Carrying, Push and Pull.

Certification & Assessment

Intermittent multiple-choice questions. 

This online Manual Handling course supports the Manual Handling practical session module. The practical part can be scheduled once participants have completed the theory component on the Holland Online Academy L.M.S. 

Compliance is key when it comes to manual handling training and all user activity is recorded. Our Learning Management System (LMS) allows your HR or management team to identify non-compliance.

Learners who successfully complete all modules of the programme will receive a Holland Safety Certificate. Manual handling Cert will include the Learner’s name, course and date of completion.

Additional Information

E-Learning Manual Handling course:

Online Theory and Practical Assessments, with the use of video to provide feedback from our accomplished Manual Handling Instructor team. This course is fully accredited, and the successful candidates will receive certification. This course is a web based fully interactive design. The learner will interact throughout each module, gaining a minimum of 60% in the theory test and receive full instructor support through their practical video assessment. Email us today.

Course duration:

Training is 70 minutes at user’s own pace.

This gives unique flexibility to the individual or company. From the date of purchase, we have no time restriction, this allows for more workability in a busy individual or companies schedule.

Certificates last for 3 years, the individual can then complete a refresher course to maintain the knowledge gained and learn of any changes in Manual handling.


The Holland Academy is cloud based allowing the learner to access the course from any device. This allows the learner to ascertain the knowledge at their own pace and at times convenient to them. The learner can take frequent breaks, this we believe allows for maximum attendance flexibility and in turn we at Holland Academy have a near flawless attendance and success rate in this course.

Our eLearning courses are tailored to your needs, designed and developed with the user always to the forefront. The learner will be fully engaged using audio, video, animation and user interaction There are no installation or setup for users; they just follow the link provided, and we do the rest. Please note Terms & Conditions apply. 


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