Confined Space Rescue Training


This Confined Space Rescue training course allows participants carry out a team rescue from a confined space location. The course includes theory and practical training and looks at assessment of the incident location, preparation for a rescue and retrieval of the casualty. Competency assessment includes a team rescue practical exercise.

Course Outline

  • Legislation and Code of Practice relevant to Confined Space Rescue
  • Methods of Communication
  • Safe Systems of Work
  • Recap on the use of portable gas monitoring equipment
  • Recap on Full Breathing Apparatus bench checks
  • Calculating the working duration of different cylinders
  • Understanding the role of a BA Controller
  • Equipment required for a rescue team
  • Emergency Procedure Plan including the requirements of a rescue team
  • Emergency procedures and Rescue techniques
  • Emergency CPR and First Aid resuscitation equipment

Who Should Attend

Persons who have successfully completed our CS05 confined space training course (or equivalent) and may be required to enter a confined space to carry out the rescue of a casualty or casualties.

Certification & Assessment

Delegates who successfully complete the course will receive a Holland Academy certificate in Confined Space Rescue.

To be successful delegates must pass

  • Written Assessment (40%)
  • Practical Assessment (60%)

Additional Information

Learning Outcomes

  • Quickly and efficiently assess a confined space incident area
  • Plan and set up for a team rescue
  • Safely rescue a casualty from a confined space
  • Understand the requirement for resuscitation and use of first aid equipment

Equipment Required

Course participants should bring suitable PPE (hi visibility vest, hard hat, safety boots, kneepads).

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