eLearning Working from Home Ergonomics Course


Working from home ergonomics online training course demonstrates and explain the key steps employees should follow to set up a safe, comfortable, and productive home workspace.

After this course, all candidates will gain the knowledge of how to manage their workstations correctly and in a responsible manner in line with the legislation and recommendations from the Health & Safety Authority (HSA).

This programme will also equip them with the basic ergonomics guidelines to help them identify and manage aches and pains while working from home.

If you would like to conduct a remote ergonomic assessment to check your working environment, we can do that too! Send us an email info@hollandsafety.ie or contact us on +353 01 4019600 to book the assessments. To read more about this service click here.

Who Should Attend

The Home Office Ergonomics Training Course is suitable for those who are working remotely/ from home temporarily or permanently.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the Working from Home Ergonomics Online Course candidates will be able to set up their own workspace at home by applying good ergonomic practice. 

Course Outline

Module 1 – Legislation

  • Employer & Employee Responsibilities
  • Employee Responsibilities

Module 2 – Posture and Ergonomics

  • Bank Information
  • Neutral Position
  • Sitting Position
  • The risk involved with sitting
  • Chair
  • Desk Height
  • Parts of Spine

Module 3 - Workstation IT Equipment

  • Workstation  Ergonomics Set up
  • Display Screen Equipment
  • Screen Distance
  • Mouse and Keyboard

Module 4 – Workstation Environment

  • Temperature
  • Lighting
  • Fire and Electrical Safety
  • Electrical Safety while working from home
  • Desk Organisation
  • Document Holder
  • Healthy Desk
  • Module 5 - Stress ad Eye Strain
  • What is stress
  • Stress
  • How to reduce stress
  • Eye Strain
  • How to Reduce Eye Strain

Module 6 - Work Arrangements

  • Hours of Work
  • Communication
  • Finishing Tasks
  • Contact Arrangements

Certification & Assessment

Assessment: Intermittent Multiple-Choice Questions

Learners who complete all modules of the programme content receive a Holland Safety Certificate in Working from Home Ergonomics including the Learner’s name, course and date of completion.

Additional Information

What is a homeworking risk assessment?

This involves identifying any hazards related to working from home and putting the appropriate steps in place to mitigate the risks of harm occurring.

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