Working from Home – Online Ergonomic Assessment


Our Working from Home Online Ergonomic Assessment Package is designed to ensure employers compliance with the Health and Safety Authority Guidance on Working from Home. We strive to raise employee awareness around their physical, mental and emotional health and well-being while home working.


What is a homeworking risk assessment?

This involves identifying any hazards related to working from home and putting the appropriate steps in place to mitigate the risks of harm occurring.


Why do you require an assessment?

 According to the “HSA Guidance on Working from Home,” homeworking requires management and coordination to ensure you are not put at risk from hazards that can emerge from homeworking. In this case, a hazard is a factor or factors within your workspace that can cause harm to your musculoskeletal system, injury or strain.


What is covered in the risk assessment?

 During the assessment, we will look at your:

  • Workstation area
  • Chair
  • Screen
  • Communication set up
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Light, Heating & Ventilation
  • Electricity & Fire detection
  • General health arrangements


What if you think your workspace is fine!

 These hazards aren't always immediately obvious and may require an assessment to highlight them.


What will happen during the assessment? 

 You will be asked to share a picture of your workstation with the assessor. The assessor will then look at your workspace as a whole, and look at each individual aspect of your workspace - chair, desk, screens, keyboard, mouse etc. You may be asked to adjust your position or the position of some of your equipment. We aim to find your optimal working position. Following the assessment, we will produce a report highlighting any recommendations or action items.  

 In Short... It's about fitting your workspace to you! 

Service Details

Aim of the Package:

This package aims to assist employers meet their responsibilities around home workers arrangements and ensure that:

  • Their employees are aware of any specific risks regarding working from home.
  • The workspace and proposed work activities are suitable.
  • They provide suitable equipment to enable safe and effective working.
  • Proper communication arrangements are implemented.
  • Emergency arrangements are in place.  

Package Benefits:

  • Ensures employer compliance with the HSA Guidance on Working from Home.
  • Reviews employees’ workstation arrangements & ensures all ergonomic & display screen equipment (DSE) conditions are met.
  • Risk assesses and reviews the home office environment and assists in the preparation of an emergency plan.
  • Highlights the importance of good posture and proper setup of their chair, desk, screen and equipment.
  • Increases employees’ awareness on identification, management and reduction of work-related stress.
  • Helps identify issues around home working arrangement for sensitive risk groups.
  • Ensures a proper communication system is implemented to avoid employee isolation.
  • Describes how to identify and manage distractions and emotions while working from home.

Process Steps:

  • Employees will be issued our self-assessment checklist and guidance notes in preparation for their assessment consultation.
  • Our qualified ergonomic consultant will review the checklist prior to the scheduled assessment. This assessment is flexible can be scheduled for a time that suits the employee and their company.
  • The assessment will take place virtually and will provide a comprehensive, personal assessment of the workstation, employees ergonomic setup and the general work environment.
  • A comprehensive report will be prepared for each employee containing any issues arising and associated recommendations.

Optional Extra: We can assist you in developing your comprehensive working from home policy. This can be included in their employee handbook.

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