Ergonomic Risk Assessment (VDU/DSE) - Working from Home


The Ergonomic Assessment Process



In Short... It's about fitting your workspace to you! 

Do you know?

While blended working environments are becoming the norm, many employers are unaware that under the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 2007, they have a legal obligation to assess workstation health and safety—especially concerning physical challenges and eyesight issues. Let us guide you in meeting your ergonomic legislative requirements seamlessly.


What is a homeworking risk assessment?

This involves identifying any hazards related to working from home and putting the appropriate steps in place to mitigate the risks of harm occurring. In this case, a hazard is a factor or factors within your workspace that can cause harm to your musculoskeletal system, injury or strain.


Why choose our Working from Home Online Ergonomic Assessment ?

Our Working from Home Online Ergonomic Assessment Package is designed to ensure employers compliance with the Health and Safety Authority Guidance on Working from Home. We strive to raise employee awareness around their physical, mental and emotional health and well-being while home working.

What areas does the assessment cover?

  • Workstation area
  • Chair, Screen, Keyboard & Mouse
  • Communication set up
  • Light, Heating & Ventilation
  • Electricity & Fire detection
  • General health arrangements



Service Details

Aim of the Package:

We assist employers in:

  • Their employees are aware of any specific risks regarding working from home
  • The workspace and proposed work activities are suitable
  • They provide suitable equipment to enable safe and effective working
  • Proper communication arrangements are implemented
  • Emergency arrangements are in place

Package Benefits:

  • Ensure compliance with the HSA Guidance on Working from Home
  • Liberate employers from the laborious task of conducting ergonomic risk assessments
  • Improve employees' overall well-being, both physically and mentally, through education on maintaining good posture, proper working setup, and effectively managing work-related stress
  • Boost employee productivity by providing techniques for managing distractions and emotions while working remotely

Optional: Enhance your company's work-from-home strategy with our policy development service. It's a great addition to employee handbooks!


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