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Our Safepass Training price includes the SOLAS Reg Fee, complimentary parking and WiFi. There are a selection of shops and cafés adjacent to our premises or you can make use of the kitchen area. Course attendees will receive a letter confirming attendance until their Safe Pass Card issues two to three weeks later.

What is a Safe Pass Training Course?

The Safe Pass is a Health and Safety Awareness Training Programme is to ensure that, all workers in the construction industry will have a basic knowledge of health and safety, construction regulations, and be able to work on-site without being a risk to themselves or others who might be affected by their acts or omissions. (HSA 2021)

Where are Safe Pass Courses delivered?

Safe Pass Training Courses are delivered in our main training centre in Dublin at Jordanstown Drive, Greenogue Bus. Park, Rathcoole, Co Dublin. Courses are delivered through the English language.

What is covered on Safe Pass Course:

  • ​Health & safety awareness training
  • Personal Safety, using personal protective equipment
  • Working with noise and vibrations
  • Manual Handling
  • Prevent accidents and avoid health hazards
  • Understanding each workers role in keeping each other safe and well
  • Registrar of attendance recorded, and Safe Pass registration card acquired

What is the Safepass Course Learning Outcome:

  • Understand the importance of health and safety
  • Understanding personal health and welfare
  • Understand how workers can contribute to preventing accidents
  • Identify the dangers of working with tools, machinery and large plant equipment
  • Identify and explain the dangers presented if working at heights.

Certification & Assessment

Delegates who successfully complete the course will receive a SOLAS Safe Pass Card.

To be successful delegates must pass

  • Written Assessment

Additional Information

What do I need to attend a Safe Pass Course:

  • 1 No. Passport sized picture (Note Holland Safety do not provide a picture service)
  • Photographic ID: drivers licence, passport, National ID Card, public service card.
  • A PPS number 
  • You must be 16 years of age on the day of the training course 


What time does the Safe Pass Course start?

The course starts at 8 am sharp and last till 5 pm. Please note course registration starts at 7.30 am, you need to arrive early to have enough time for registration.

How do I get a safe pass card?

A SOLAS Safe Pass Card is issued when you successfully complete the one-day Safe Pass training programme. This card is issued by SOLAS within 3-4 weeks from the course date, and it lasts for 4 years from the date of the training course. 


What is the minimum & maximum of attending the Safe Pass Course? 

The minimum number of delegates required is 8, with the maximum number being 10.


When does SOLAS Safe Pass Card need to be renewed? 

Safe Pass Training Course should be renewed every 4 years.

How do I replace a lost safe pass card?

If your Safe Pass Registration Card has been lost, stolen or damaged you can apply for a replacement which costs €32. Please complete the Online Replacement Card Form, attach a current passport-quality photograph and complete the online payment. Safe Pass Replacement Form or contact SOLAS safe pass contact number (01) 533 2500 for further information.


How old do you have to be to complete Safe Pass?

You must be at least 16 years of age to complete Safe Pass Training.


What happens If I have no PPS number?

For individuals coming to Ireland for short-term contracts, Holland Safety will apply to SOLAS  for a process number to allow you to attend the course. Please contact us a minimum of 7 days, prior to the course in order to arrange this. Also, you will be required to supply a cover letter stating the project timeframe on a company-headed paper. Failure to notify us in advance will result in you not being able to remain on the courses.


Is the SOLAS Safe Pass Card valid in UK?

CSR in the UK and SOLAS Safe Pass in Ireland have a mutual recognition agreement whereby the one-day UK CSR health and safety course is recognised as equivalent to the one-day SOLAS Safe Pass course. To transfer cards contact SOLAS or CSR at


When will Safe Pass be available online?

Unfortunately, Safe Pass won't be available online. Despite numerous repeated requests by Holland Safety to the SOLAS CSCS and Safe Pass unit requesting to deliver the course via webinar or our eLearning platform.

SOLAS insist that the course must be a tutor-led programme and don’t have any plans that we are aware of to change this. Being an experienced webinar training delivery company, we would disagree with the SOLAS position and take the view that the course content and learning outcomes make it an ideal option for webinar delivery. This would give significant flexibility to construction operative among other benefits, however, it is outside our control.


Who should attend the SOLAS Safe Pass course?

  • Craft or trade construction workers
  • Security personnel working on construction sites
  • General Construction Sector Workers
  • Anyone the Construction PSCS decides must attend
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Course Dates

Date Location Delivery Method Places Buy a Seat
05-10-2023 Booked out
12-10-2023 Only 3 left
19-10-2023 Only 4 left
09-11-2023 10 places
23-11-2023 Only 2 left
30-11-2023 16 places
07-12-2023 16 places
14-12-2023 16 places
21-12-2023 16 places
04-01-2024 16 places
09-01-2024 16 places
11-01-2024 16 places
18-01-2024 16 places
23-01-2024 16 places
25-01-2024 16 places
01-02-2024 16 places
08-02-2024 16 places
15-02-2024 16 places
20-02-2024 16 places
22-02-2024 16 places
29-02-2024 16 places
05-03-2024 16 places
07-03-2024 16 places
14-03-2024 16 places
21-03-2024 16 places
28-03-2024 16 places
04-04-2024 16 places
11-04-2024 16 places
16-04-2024 16 places
18-04-2024 16 places
25-04-2024 16 places
30-04-2024 Booked out
02-05-2024 Booked out
09-05-2024 Booked out
14-05-2024 Booked out
16-05-2024 Booked out
23-05-2024 Booked out
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30-05-2024 Booked out
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