eLearning First Aid Response Course


The blended eLearning and Classroom PHECC First Aid Response Course offers a flexible and effective way to learn essential first-aid skills. This course combines online eLearning modules with in-person classroom sessions to provide comprehensive training.

Booking First Aid training online theory and classroom practical’s on the Holland Safety website is a simple and straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step description of how to do it:

On a page, navigate to the ‘Check Dates’ button. Choose a suitable date for the Practical Session that works best for you. Please ensure you have enough time to complete the online theory before the practical session.

Once you have selected the Practical Session date, proceed to the shopping cart by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button.  In the shopping cart, you will be prompted to enter the learner's name and any other required information. 

Upon successful booking, you will receive an order confirmation email containing all the relevant details of your eLearning First Aid training, including the Practical Session date and location.

In addition to the confirmation email, the learner will receive a separate email containing login credentials for the Holland Online Platform.

On the Practical Session date, the learner should arrive with proof of online theory completion at the designated location prepared to participate in the hands-on training and assessment.  

Course Outline

eLearning Module

  • Patient Assessment
  • Incident Procedures
  • Common Medical Emergencies
  • Care of an Unconscious Patient
  • Injury Management & Shock
  • Burns & Electrical Injury Care
  • Hypothermia and Hyperthermia
  • Information management Communication
  • Wellbeing of a First Aid Responder


Practical & Assessment Module

  • eLearning Module Review & Revision
  • Practical Skills Demonstrations
  • Practical Skills Practice
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Cardiac First Response (CFR) Community
  • Theory Assessment
  • Scenario & Practical Skills Assessment
  • Course Evaluation


Benefits of eLearning

Save time | Reduce costs | Achieve PHECC First Aid Certification. 

Benefits of eLearning

For the Learner

  • Self-paced
  • Stress-free
  • Can be accessed anywhere  
  • Can be revised anytime
  • Leads to better retention
  • Reduce Commute 

For the Organisation

  • Saves time and money
  • Scalable
  • Offers personalisation
  • 50% faster
  • 30% more effective
  • Management flexibility 
  • Reduce staff scheduling headaches 


5 Quick Steps to Certification

Step 1. Book seats with the Holland Safety Training Team
Step 2. Receive an access key to our eLearning Course
Step 3. Complete the Interactive eLearning content at your pace
Step 4. Attend the Practical Training and Assessment Session
Step 5. Receive PHECC FAR Certificate valid for two years


Delivery information 

Our online PHECC First Aid Response (FAR) is an interactive, self-paced eLearning course. On-demand modules allow the flexibility to suit any busy work schedule. Consisting of an interactive theoretical module, blended with practical training and assessment, it delivers superiority in competency-based learning ensuring Learners achieve the highest level of retention.

During practical training, you will complete all PHECC competency assessments leading to the award of your First Aid Response Certificate valid for two years. This is the HSA recommended training standard for occupational first aid in the workplace. 

Our expertise allows us to create the most dynamic and contemporary learning experience on the market while addressing all legal and best practice requirements. Our practical classroom delivery compliments the online learning module. 

Certification & Assessment

MCQ Exam + Skills Assessment

On successful completion of this course, participants will receive a PHECC First Aid Repsonse (FAR) Certificate valid for two years.

Additional Information

Recognition of Prior Learning

If you are a holder of a CFR Community certificate, recognition of prior learning may be applied. However, as the retention of CFR skills is known to diminish over time, it is recommended that you participate fully in the CFR component of the course. 

Please contact us should you require further information 014019600.

If you are current holder of a FAR Certificate and wish to recertify please follow this link to book your refresher course. Book Now


Should learners have difficulty reaching the PHECC FAR standard they will be supported with remediation efforts such as structured one-to-one time. 

Please contact our training delivery team should you wish to discuss the options available.

Reasonable Accommodation

Holland Safety provides reasonable accommodation to meet the needs of a learner who has additional needs that may prevent them completing an assessment in its original form. Where necessary, we will endeavour to adapt assessments to remove possible barriers without altering the standard of the assessment.

Please contact our training delivery team should you wish to discuss the options available.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

Question:   Do delegates receive the same certificate as a classroom only training?

Answer:      Yes, the PHECC First Aid Response certificate is the same regardless of the training delivery method.


Question:   How long does the course take to complete?

Answer:     The course, which includes both eLearning and classroom elements, should be completed in 18 hours. 


Question:   How long does the certificate last for?

Answer:    The certificate is valid for 2 years from the date of training completion.


Question:   How long does the delegate have to complete the elearning module?

Answer:     Each delegate should complete the elearning training within 30 days of receipt of their login credentials.


Question:   How is the training administration organised; what information is required?

Answer:     Holland Safety require each delegate’s name and email address. Our dedicated team will register each delegate and issue login credentials to their provided email address.


Questions:  What if the delegate forgets to complete the elearning module?

Answer:     Reminders are issued weekly, alerting the learner to progress and these increase as the time period reduces.


Question:    As an organiser, how will I know when all of my colleagues have completed the elearning module and can move onto the classroom training?

Answer:      Holland Safety provide regular activity reports to the training organiser. This will detail the progress status for each delegate.



Quality Questions

Question:   How interactive is elearning training?

Answer:    The elearning training is highly interactive and requires the delegate to engage with the course content in order to successfully complete each module.   It is designed to cater for visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic learners.


Question:   What is the maximum number of delegates per classroom training session?

Answer: PHECC FAR instructor/learner ratio is 1:8. There is no change to the Instructor/delegate ratio for online blended training courses


Question:   What support does the delegate receive during the elearning module?

Answer:    Learners can access our library of support documents available from the Holland Academy’s Knowledge Repository containing a comprehensive library of frequently asked questions among other material. Learners can email any questions to our First Aid Training Expert and will receive a written or verbal response within 24 hours. Learners can schedule a call with one of our First Aid Training Experts


Question:   Who carries out the course assessment?

Answer:    One of our PHECC FAR Instructors will carry out the PHECC course assessment during the practical classroom training.



Capacity Questions

Question:  I need to organize training for several groups of 8 delegates on the same dates, is this possible?

Answer:   Our elearning platform is designed to allow large numbers of delegates to progress through their training simultaneously. Training organisers can therefore organise training for unlimited numbers of staff running concurrently.



IT Questions

Question:  Some colleagues do not have access to ICT devices at work; can they complete this training course?

Answer:    In order to complete this training course, staff must be able to access a device such as a desk-based PC, laptop, tablet, smartphones etc.


Question:  Our organisation has not used elearning before, what are the IT requirements?

Answer:   Delegates must have to access a device such as a desk-based PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Courses are accessible via our Learning Management system, Holland Academy which is hosted with Amazon Web Services and managed by our internal IT & Security Team. This ensures the highest level of security and gives peace of mind knowing that all technical and security issues are handled by Holland Safety.


Question:  Our organisation has limited use of the internet and external websites for security reasons. Can staff access to this training course be organised through our internal network / LMS?

Answer:   No, but in order to allow access to our secure service, we would be happy to provide your IT and security people with details fo the security of our systems features.


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Course Dates

Date Location Delivery Method Places Buy a Seat
26-08-2024 7 places
16-09-2024 8 places
21-10-2024 8 places
18-11-2024 8 places
16-12-2024 8 places
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