IOSH Project Supervisor Design Process Course (PSDP)


The Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP) course covers the co-ordination of design on construction sites.  Everyone from contractors, owner operators, engineers and architects have looked to enhance their qualifications by signing up to the IOSH Project Supervisor Design Process Course.

Our course is clear, easy to follow and highly regarded by those operating in the Irish construction sector.  The wide variety of participants is another factor in why this course stands out, allowing participants to hear highly relevant perspectives from different sides of construction project delivery.


Who Should Attend

Employees from a wide variety of occupations attend this course. Contractors, owner-operators, engineers and architects have enhanced their qualifications by signing up to the IOSH Project Supervisor Design Process Course.

This course is aimed at individuals who will have responsibility for or who will be involved in the role of Project Supervisor for the Design Process, or anybody who wishes to have a greater appreciation of this role and its function.


Course Outline

  • Accidents in Construction and Maintenance
  • Overview of the Safety Health & Welfare at Work Construction Regulations
  • Duties of the Project Supervisor Design Process
  • Duties of Clients
  • Practical Classroom Session
  • Reducing Risk by Design and Designers Responsibility
  • Design Risk Assessment
  • Provision of Information for the Project Supervisor Construction Stage
  • Syndicate exercise: Preliminary Safety & Health Plan
  • Incident Prevention and Project Supervision
  • Close Book Exam end of Day 2 / Course Conclusion & Review

Learning Outcomes

  • List the duties as PSDP
  • Assess own competence to take on the role of PSDP in the case of a project of a particular size and complexity
  • Advising clients of his statutory duties
  • Demonstrate competence to act as PSDP to a potential client


Certification & Assessment


Assessment is a written theory-based exam.



Internationally recognised IOSH Certification on successful completion of the course.


Some personal learning & study time will be required from participants.

Programme packs and assessment briefs will be provided as a part of the programme.

Additional Information

What is a Project Supervisor Design Process?

The Project Supervisor Design Process must have extensive knowledge of the design process, that person does not necessarily carry out design work, nor even be a designer. The important point is that the person appointed is competent in safety and health and is adequately resourced for the role.

The Project Supervisor Design Process may generally be an organisation rather than an individual person for all but the smallest contracts. The organisation would typically be an architectural practice, a contractor, a firm of consulting engineers, or a specialist project management group (


What are the main duties of the Project Supervisor Design Process?

According to the Health & Safety Authority, the duty of the project supervisor for the design process is to ensure coordination of the work of designers throughout the project. This includes identifying risks, eliminating hazards where possible, ensuring work of designers is coordinated and preparing all written work and ensuring good communications.


What is the duration of the course?

The is a 2-day course delivered in 3 convenient formats: at Holland Safety Training centre, at your premises or via Webinar. The on-site/ at your premise option is very popular for both smaller and larger workplaces as allows a variety of workers and professionals to upgrade their skills to PSDP allowing for a greater range of occupations to work as a team on the design stage.


What are the key benefits of the IOSH Project Supervisor Design Process to the learner?

  • Internationally recognised IOSH accreditation (IOSH PSDP).
  • The learner will have access to an expert instructor with a vast knowledge of the entire design process. The instructor shall give plenty of opportunities to troubleshoot and discuss key observations they have seen during the design process.
  • The learner will have access to the most up to date research and knowledge in the design process.
  • The learner will interpret the legislation and gain practical experience in implementing the key duties of the PSDP as detailed in the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013.


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Course Dates

Start date Days End date Location Delivery Method Places Buy a Seat
18-08-2022 - 19-08-2022 8 places
05-09-2022 - 06-09-2022 8 places
06-10-2022 - 07-10-2022 8 places
01-11-2022 - 02-11-2022 10 places
01-12-2022 - 02-12-2022 10 places
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